Covered Walkways for Schools and Organisations

Whether it’s a school campus, retail premises or any other kind of large-scale site, covered walkways provide a safe route for people moving around. But it’s not just about protecting staff and visitors from the weather – they can also help schools and organisations improve their overall environment.

Covered walkways for schools are often large sites and can be difficult to navigate if you’re trying to get between buildings in a hurry. But with a bespoke covered walkway, you can create clearly defined routes between your facilities to make it easier for students and staff to move around.

Safe Passage: Covered Walkways for School Campuses

Overcrowding is a problem for many schools and colleges, but using covered walkways as overflow corridors can alleviate this issue by providing additional space to accommodate students. Being out in the sun for prolonged periods of time can be harmful for children, especially with social distancing guidelines in place, but with a sheltered walkway, you can create a shady area that students and teachers can use during breaks or lunchtimes.

Getting from one building to another can be a hassle for students when it’s raining, as they’ll be soaked with water and carrying wet books and paperwork – which could pose a health and safety risk. With a covered walkway canopy, you can shelter them and keep them dry on their way to class, making it a safer, more comfortable journey all year round. This modular wheelchair ramp and canopy installation for a school is an example of this, as it’s installed to ensure weather protection between the classroom and a brick-built warehouse building.

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