IP Checker Tool Review

IP Checker Tool helps businesses identify and profile their online customers or prospects by scanning their IP addresses and revealing basic information about them. While it doesn’t reveal their names, home address or other private details, it can give a general idea of where they are located in the world and how fast or slow their internet connection is.

This can help them optimize their website content to match the visitor’s location, improve their user experience and ensure compliance with regional regulations. It also helps thwart fraud, increase website security and reduce support costs by detecting bots or suspicious activity. It can detect connections that use a proxy server and automatically raise red flags as it scans IPs to detect open ports, device type or the popularity of service providers.

Utilizing IP Tools: IP Checker Tool

It provides a more detailed understanding of the user’s location by examining multiple geolocation databases to accurately determine the exact country and region. It also identifies the connection type (mobile, cellular, home Internet service provider, school or university) and the network operator (data center, hosting provider or other types of connections). It can even detect VPNs and help them identify and remediate issues relating to them.

This helps sysadmins identify and track suspicious IPs associated with DDoS attacks, spamming, SQL injections, hacking attempts or account takeovers. It can also be used to identify the operating system and browser being used by a user to help pinpoint vulnerabilities. It also offers a customizable dashboard that enables administrators to manage multiple devices at once.

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